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Review for Home Solar Solutions

Ed Hume

Hi,This is Edward Hume. I have a home in Prescott, AZ . I’ve always had a desire to go solar and felt the time was right to do it. I was a little concerned about inflation and what I see going on in the country with energy that I hear about in the news. Sam and Joseph came to my home and got me signed up. It looks to save me about $20/month on average for now and in 5 years will be saving me about $40/month. My total savings over the next 25 years will be about $24,000. I am 80 years old but have the spunk of a man half my age, at least that’s what Joseph says, so I hope to see that savings. I’m on a fixed income and am also glad to have the regular payment. That will be nice. If you’re on a fixed income, I would recommend Joseph. He will make sure you get the best, most efficient system he can for you at a good price.

- Edward Hume

Stephanie Taylor

We were paying about $175/mo on average for our electricity. We went with the cash deal because we were refinancing our house. The proposal showed we were still in a good position if we would have financed it. The Zero down and no payments till 60 days after installation would have worked great also. Our total payments would have been $30/month cheaper than we were averaging before panels. Joseph was great at making sure we understood all our options. Showed us our best vantage areas for collecting energy. We are glad we have them now. It is a relief to know that if energy prices go up, we will have our steady payment to protect us from any inflation that might affect our energy costs. I would recommend Joseph to anyone in the market for panels.

- Stephanie Taylor

Linda Segapeli

Hi, I had been considering Solar panels. My boyfriend has them and they have served him well, so I thought I would get a quote and got a call from Joseph who set up my proposal. He and his supervisor Sam came out, showed me the savings and we closed the deal. I look forward to seeing the savings. We have great incentives here in El Paso so everyone here can save if they want to. No reason not to. Why would anyone want to pay more than they have to? I highly recommend anyone to get panels if they don’t already. Joseph did a great job and if you’re in the market, I highly recommend you give him a call if you need panels. He will make sure to give you a great price and help get you started saving you money.

- Linda Segapeli

Dan Sleezer

Hi, I’ve known Joseph a few years now and he’s an honest guy who will steer you right. We work together on construction jobs sometimes. And, when he told me he was doing solar panel sales now, I got a quote from him right away. I’ve heard about how they can save you money, and we were glad we did it when we did. At the time we were still unsure who was going to be our next President. Now, seeing how things are under our current administration, I’m extra glad we did it when we did. The news sources I’m hearing from now are predicting hyperinflation is on the way, Spending is out of control and the dollar is losing value every day. Sure seems that way. Anyway, the price was right, and even though we are Solar Energy Efficiently Challenged, meaning, we don’t have a lot of S. facing roof angles, we got the panels in a way that will best serve us. I just talked to Joseph recently and he said they now have a program for those S.E.E.C. So, even if you don’t think you can save money because of your roof angles, Joseph has a plan to get you there without spending one extra cent more than you are paying now. And you can still be prepared for the future and lock in your rate. Give him a call, you won’t regret it.

- Dan Sleezer

Erin inthavong

I called Joseph on a Sunday morning. He explained to me why the Panels his company provides are better than the competition as far as quality, the 25 year Warranty that also covers the roof they sit on and the 25 year Production Guarantee. I am new to the neighborhood so I don’t have any electrical history. So, I got a modest size system to get started. And that was based on a $160/month average bill. It will have 25 panels on it. If we need to add a panel or so down the road after I get a few bills we can do that to where I’m saving the maximum I can. Joseph loves efficiency and he directed the proposal building team to place the panels where they will make the most efficient energy. I can tell he wants my system to run the most efficient it can. If you want someone who cares about how much you can save, please call Joseph. He will do everything he can to give you a good price and make sure your system is the most efficient it can be.

- Erin inthavong