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A.How many solar panels will my home need?

It depends on the roof angles we are working with and how much energy we will need to best maximize your saving potential. Every home is different so the technical details will be different as well. We build a system that gives you the most savings we can for the area we have to work with.

B.How much power will I need for my home?

The power your home needs is best represented by adding up the kWh your home uses per year. That’s done by totaling up all the monthly’s to give us the yearly. On most electric bill’s that’s represented as a graph that shows the monthly kWh. We will need a picture of that. We use those values to come up with what size system will do your home the most good.

C.How much does it cost? Can I afford them?

This is the best part. When you finance there is ZERO down payment and NO payment till about 60 days after installation. Our finance partner is Goodleaf financing. They offer rates as low as 1.5% interest to insure your payment is as low as possible making sure you get a system that costs LESS per month then you are paying now, including your grid connection to your utility company. This replaces your current utility bill. This means you are less out of pocket per month than you were before and the savings you get will grow more and more each month. AND you only need a 650-credit score to qualify. The qualifying is a soft pull on your credit that does NOT affect your credit score. We can check as often as you like with no effect there

D. Whats your climate like?

Solar Panels do not require full sun to be efficient. Even cloudy days work fine. Only snow and dirt will affect production. Most rain will keep a panel sufficiently working. Your system will also come with an app you can use to check functionality of each panel.

E.Will shade effect my solar systems performance?

Shade can affect the solar system's performance, so it is always good to minimize shading where you can. Solar systems work best when they are fully exposed to direct sunlight. The system will still produce energy if it is set up in a shady area but this will weaken the output. Not to worry here. Home Solar Solutions and AZ Wholesale Solar will provide you with the best options. We can also include as an adder in your proposal to have Tree work or Roof work done. This way you can take advantage of the 26% Federal tax incentive to help get this done for a very small addition to your monthly payment.

F.How much direct sun hits the roof?

We will walk you through every step of the process. Our team will make sure your home is taken care of. Once you decide you would like these immediate and long term savings for yourself, the first step after qualifying is getting the permit process in place. We send our engineer over to assess the property and get that ordered. Once the permit comes in we will install the solar panels and teach you how to use the app so you can monitor anytime you like how your panels are doing. We are also connected to that app, so if there is an issue, we come take care of it. To find out how much you can save please schedule your FREE Solar Panel Proposal today by calling Joseph at Home Solar Solutions (480) 416-6200

G.Is maintenance required for solar panels?

Typically, there is no maintenance. There are no moving parts and the system will run with virtually no maintenance. The dust storms we get can leave some residue you can spray off if you want. I’ve noticed that when we have the longer rains, they tend to come clean. Some people use a hose adapter and a ladder, some people hire a service. With the app you have for your panels you can check the efficiency levels and make that call. If you are looking for a service, please call us.

H.What happens when we want to sell our home?

No problem! Home Solar Solutions and Arizona Wholesale Solar are here to help. If you are looking to put your home on the market and potential buyers have questions, we are happy to help with whatever their questions they have. According to people who have done this already it is a very easy process to transfer to the next owners. You simply take out the equity you’ve paid into, plus whatever you got from the 26% Federal incentive, then transfer the payments or remaining balance to the next owner who then gets the locked in payment saving them thousands of dollars. In fact, Self-sufficient energy homes sell 20% faster than homes without.

I.How much can I save by switching to solar?

With utility costs on the rise, most homes are starting out saving anywhere from 10% to 30% off their normal utility bill (depending on system size, utility company and roof angles). Expect the saving to go up about 10% more each year as inflation and energy costs increase. There are 2 significant factors working on your side when you have Solar Panels. 1) The savings you get every month versus what your electric bill would be. And 2) The accumulated equity adding to your home with each payment. Because as something you own now instead of just being a consumer, about 77% of your average payment is now going towards the equity in your home. These 2 combined savings will bring you an investment return of about 60% or more each month. This means if you were spending $300/month before, your net expense is now closer to $100/month with those 2 factors added in. We can show you examples of this at your proposal.

J.What happens at a solar system installation?

We will walk you through every step of the process. Our team will make sure your home is taken care of. We will install the solar panels and teach you how each step of the process works. To find out how much you can save please schedule your FREE Solar Panel Pros today by calling Joseph at Home Solar Solutions (480) 416-6200